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MGS Performance Engineering are a bespoke manufacturer of bolt on motorcycle accessories, designed and produced in the U.K.

The company director Jason Stevens started MGS Performance in 2012……this was when he dropped his own bike on the ground whilst using a faulty rear paddock stand, the damage even from standing was still quite costly! He then thought to himself “i need to get some frame protection” so he decided to make his own (as with being a time served toolmaker for the past 20 years) and having the use of a CNC Lathe and Miller he designed and manufactured his own. This then went on to all his biker mates who started noticing them on his bike and asking if he could make them some too, realizing that his product might appeal to the public sector. He then decided to open up a shop via eBay and as you will see from the feedback MGS has 100% customer satisfaction, from this he has grown the business from strength to strength in the past 5 years with new ideas and designs.

MGS Performance supply road bike riders from all over the world as well as sponsoring race teams in the British Superbike series.

We pride ourselves on our products and have achieved a very strong customer base, where we have returning customers each month from all over the world.

All of our products are CNC machined or Water Jet cut using top grade materials that will perform correctly for the job at hand.

Testing our products as with customer and sponsorship feedback we are able to evaluate our products strengths and weaknesses  and provide an end result that will work in most everyday common practices, this protecting your bike as it should.


Frame Protectors
Fork Protectors
Rear Paddock Stand Protectors
Lower Chain Guards
Tie Down Plates
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